2 origin: detoxify oneself, detoxification and antistress … with success!

Stress, lack of energy, migraine, sleeping problems, back- and neckache, depression… The world in which we live demands a lot from our body. Day after day we are tormented by emulation, unhealthy food, microwave ovens, toxic substances in the air, gsm waves, electrosmog, fine dust particles, to mention only a few.

No wonder that classical medicine does not have a answer for each physical and mental problem. Detoxification of the body is an important step towards a healthy and energetic body. Detoxification fights dozens of physical and mental complaints. Going from sleeping problems to heavy stress and from headaches to backaches, 2origin offers special massage machines as well as simple detoxification means and therapeutic relaxation machines.

Infrared blanket
Painful muscles and articulations

Chi machine

Headaches and Migraine

Reduce the pain rapidly with these natural heat rays (the long solar rays). 15 minutes on the machine is as healthy as a 90-minute walk. A good way to avoid stress and a lot of other complaints. Mouthpiece against headaches, migraines, and neckaches? Right! Give surprising results.
Infrarood-deken Chimachine Kinechi Head-Balance
Infrared blanket
Painful muscles and articulations
Detoxify your body
Detox pads
Reduce the pain rapidly with these natural heat rays (the long solar rays). The detoxification machine with Death Sea salt: an affordable and efficient detoxification. Fast detoxification, efficient and advantageous during your sleep: a child’s game with well-known footpads.
Infrared blanket


 Detox Pads

All our products are accompanied by elaborate information, precise instructions, expected results and lots of testimonials. With more than 5 years of experience and many satisfied customers, we have an answer to all your questions, complaints and worries. You can always contact us by mail  2@2origin.com . A healthy mind in a healthy body. This is the basis for your overall health. And this is what we have chosen for.

Efficient detoxification: confide in the 2origin machines. Relaxation, anti-stress and reduction of backaches.