Foot reflexology: helps to detoxify

You can apply the DetoxPads on any part of the body, which you wish to detoxify. Let yourself be helped by foot reflexology to find the reflex zones.

detox pads

Detoxify your body in a short time span. Let the night do its work. A purification while you sleep, so you do not only wake up well rested but also radiant.

detox pads


  • Zone 1: apply the bandages at toe level or just below. Very appropriate to attenuate sleeping problems, headaches, sinusitis, rigid neck and painful shoulders.
  • Zone 2: apply the bandages in the middle of the foot sole. This results in a general detoxification. Water retention and constipation can also be positively influenced.
  • Zone 3: apply the bandages at heel level. This zone is appropriate to reduce lower back pains, knee pains and menstrual pains.

reflex zones