Detox pads: detoxify your body professionally during your sleep.

With these feet bandages or detox pads you can detoxify your body quickly and at low cost.



Detoxify oneself thanks to nature. It is the spirit behind the DetoxPads, short and strong. It’s already in the name: everyone can detoxify his/her body with curative bandages containing la turmaline, wood and bamboo...
So, no need to use a special machine, pur your feet in salted water or follow special treatments. Just apply the  detox pads on your feet (or elsewhere) and let the beneficial substances do the rest. Who says absorption of toxic products, automatically refers to better blood circulation, improvement of quality of sleep and pain reduction.
Fast, simple and very affordable. You can also use the DetoxPads as a complement to foot reflexology. This allows your body to detoxify according to the level of pain or type of annoyance.
Are you still skeptical towards detoxification using natural extracts? No problem, for only € 5 (within Belgium) you can order a few samples from 2 origin. The bandages are based on scientific findings as the DetoxPads have been approved by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

U.S. Food and Drug Administration