2detox: Detoxify your body in a harmonious and efffective manner

Detoxify your body in a harmonious manner? Detoxify oneself becomes very easy with 2detox.


Our body is more than ever burdened with toxic substances. We can partly detoxify our body naturally. Choose healthy food, drink a lot of water and exercise help to eliminate toxic substances.
Unfortunately, air, water and soil are themselves so polluted that each one of us has a lot of toxic substances in the body. Radiaton of mobile phones, fine dust, PCB, dioxine… Detoxify your body of these substances can be done in different ways. Numerous therapies and complicated procedures exist. The good news from 2 origin is that with the detoxification machine this can be done in an affordable, fast and very effective way.
The 2detox foot spa rebalances your body in a simple way. The Dead Sea salt is a good conductor for the electrolysis, is rich in minerals and beneficial to the skin.
2detox The ring of effective microorganisms (EM), which we put in the water of the foot spa during detoxification, increase the natural resistance of the body. Just put your feet in the warm water, detoxify during 30 minutes and you are again better armed against the physical and mental setbacks. You’ll soon discover that it is most enjoyable to detoxify your body in a relaxing manner after a hard day.


Slowly your vitality will increase, your body will be purified and your spirit enlightened.



Still not convinced of the efficacy of detoxification? Maybe we’ll succeed in convincing you of the benefits of detoxifying your body