Painful muscles and articulations? Treat them with infrared

Detoxify the body and treat the painful muscles and articulations? The infrared blanket will alleviate you.

Infrarood deken

Sauna, detoxification and pain treatment all in one? The infrared blanket will do. And because it is you, you receive a slimming effect as an extra.
You can use the infrared blanket for different means and combinations there of. As compact infrared sauna: with the perspiration, the toxic substances are eliminated from the body. As a treatment against painful muscles and articulations: the radiation stimulates the blood circulation and increases the oxygen intake. The muscular pains, backaches, rheumatisms and arthritis are effectively treated. Is commonly used in revalidation medecine. Finally, as a relaxation and defence method: the infrared blanket reinforces the immune system, relaxes and balances the body.
No side effects exist: the infrared rays are in fact natural sunlight. This type of rays is used since long by therapists and revalidation centres. Patients suffering from low back pains, muscular pains, arthritis, rheumatisms and articulation pains are alleviated with these blankets at very high temperatures.
Of course, you can yourself choose the temperature of the infrared blanket. In this way, you can use it for different applications. In winter, the blanket is also pleasant to use while watching television.

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