Fibromyalgia, choose a natural painkiller such as the infrared blanket…

Source: ABC Gezondheid  11-04-2015

Fibromyalgia is always related to pain. Pain, not caused by an injury but by a short-circuit in the brain. Therefore a patient suffering from fibromyalgia needs to pay a lot of attention to the psyche (mind) and stress management. Tai chi, yoga and meditation have proven to be good methods to relieve pain, to reduce stress and to keep the articulations supple. Natural painkillers are also recommendable as they are more appropriate for a long term use. How difficult it may seem, to keep in motion is important. Motion protects against decline of the articulations and enhances the blood circulation.

Fatigue is a frequent problem : fibromyalgia is often compared to the chronical fatigue syndrome. Carnitine and co-enzyme Q10 are two natural substances who generate a more efficient production of energy. A good night’s sleep is also important. Take care of your intestines and reinforce your immune system. Your immune system could possibly be messed up: too active in some tissues, although not capable to resist to a virus. A healthy, pure natural nutrition can help to put your immune system back on track. Eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit and try to avoid additives.