Effects of the Detox bandage

A Detox bandage of 2 origin is a simple way to obtain impressive results in the field of detoxification.


The obtained results with the Detox Pads have been so overwhelming in the whole world, that the experts in the medical industry have, without exception, praised their benefit.
The Detox bandage helps our body to reach an optimal health condition by improving the blood circulation, increasing the metabolism, activating the blood cells, soothing articular pains, enhancing the quality of sleep and eliminating body fluids.

The mystery behind the curative bandage and toxine absorber has not been elucidated yet. One of the theories suggests that the body contains an invisible vivid force or a penetrating energy, similar to the chi concept in the traditional Chinese medicine. If this energy is blocked or limited, a symptom of illness can appear. The feet are considered as the “engine” to canalise, control and liberate these models of penetrating energy. We believe that the stimulation of about 7000 nerves which end at the foot’s extremity can liberate the flow of this vital energy in several parts of the body. This way the energy favours the healing.

After many years of research based on the longevity and the resistance of trees in the forrest, it has been discovered in Japan that certain extracts from old trees possess this unique property to absorb toxins from the human body. Thanks to more extensive research and the addition of other natural active substances, the bandage DetoxPadsForEveryBody could be developed.