To detoxify the body: why?

The detoxification of the body is of vital importance. Reasons to do so, please find them here.

To function optimally, the body needs sufficient sun, pure air, fresh and clean water and lots of high quality food. Unfortunately, the quality of life becomes more and more dramatic.
Many among us, live under stress, do little or no exercise or are confronted to a social failure. Furthermore, the body is burdened with toxic substances which are found in the air, in the water and in the soil and have a direct influence on the body or through the food.

Recently, it was impossible to escape from the information broadcasted by the media with regard to the air pollution and the danger formed by the fine dust particles. That the region we live in is one of the most polluted in the world has been demonstrated by the satellite images. Maybe we still have the scandals of the PCB and dioxine in mind. These toxic products, which are present in our body, do not dissapear by themselves. A natural detoxification is not enough.

Coffee, alcohol, nicotine, medication, taste emulgators, aromas and conservation agents are already a big burden for the body. The daily food menu contains too much saturated fat, white flour and refined products, too much sugar, salt and far too much meat. We absorb too few vitamines and minerals. We have an overburdened body which is at the same time underfed.


Through the use of the microwave oven and induction cookers, our bodies are damaged at structural and molecular level, which makes the food very toxic for us. Do not underestimate the toxic products tthat our body absorbs through the use of cleaning, personal care and beauty products.
And then we haven’t mentioned the increase of the electrosmog yet (electromagnetic radiation) caused by high voltage lines, household appliance, gsm radiation, gps, wifi, umts, bluetooth.
Even the natural defences of our body cannot cope with the combination of all these factors anylonger. It is not at all astonishing that cancer is widely spread and even affects young people. Unfortunately, it is not limited to cancer, but also generates illnesses such as: CFS, MS, heart attack, apoplexy attacks, polyarthritis, rheumatism arthritis, diabetes type II, burn-out, depression, to give a few examples.

From scientific research and experience we have learned that to detoxify oneself is the first step towards making any kind of treatment succeed. Through a responsible and structured detoxification a lot can be avoided, as degenerative diseases such as cancer need a certain bottom or food products (toxic) to be able to develop and anchor themselves.

It is better to prevent than to heal: this is the essence of detoxification.