Build up a natural resistance with a detoxification cure


A good detoxification cure is so important that we dedicate a separate page to it.(lien vers Pourquoi se détoxiquer?). The results of these treatments are a healthy mind in a healthy body. This allows our body to build up a natural resistance and to feel more balanced.
But there is more. The special water of the Dead Sea does more than just detoxify. And the Dead Sea salt is known for eliminating dead skin cells and scales. It also has hydration virtues because the level of humidity of the skin is maintained. It is therefore not really necessary to use oil.
Furthermore, the specific composition in minerals and oligoelements has a positive effect on the metabolism and the balanced level of minerals in the skin.
In short, your body will more easily eliminate negative substances, which have nested themselves in your skin or conjunctive tissues. You will build up a great natural resistance against all sorts of affections or symptoms. The salt alone cannot be used as a therapy, but only as a support for the 2detox detoxification cure.