The 2detox foot spa: the key to detoxification of the body

How to use the 2detox foot spa? Please find the detoxification method and instructions here.

Attention! The scientific explanation is on its way!


If the word “chemistry” gives you nausea, it is better to skip this page and simply read the instructions (lien vers mode d’emploi dans la rubrique clients). Even if you are since long convinced of the efficacy of detoxification, the information that follows is only of secondary importance.
The 2detox foot spa works on the theory of electrolysis and the unit sends a very weak current to the array which is placed in the water. This triggers a chemical process. To allow this process to develop in the most effective manner, we add salt to the water. In our case, we use Dead Sea salt. This results in the presence of free negative ions in the water.
The second important aspect is that the human body is composed of 70% water.

When we thus put our feet in this water with negative ions, it is easy for these negative ions to penetrate our body through the skin of our feet. In the body, these negative ions unite themselves with the free radicals, the toxins, the waste and the heavy metals present in our body. The residue is evacuated in the foot spa water through the skin. The water changes colour due to the residue, which is smoothly extracted from our body.

The discolouration is also dependent of the quality of the local water.

Use of Dead Sea water

Dead sea saltFor many years, balneologists have tested the influence of Dead Sea bath salt for clinic and policlinic applications. An effective result has been recorded as a remedy for the treatment of several skin diseases, particularly with regard to psoriasis, eczema, skin rashes and allergic affections.

The Dead Sea bath salt has a proven track record in case of affections of the nervous systemneuralgiaand other affections caused by a shortage of minerals. The composition in minerals and the level of oligoelements of the Death Sea is so balanced, that we couldn’t wish for anything better. Our cellular tissue is composed of  calcium, potassium, magnesium, natrium and iron, fosfor and chlor. These important construction materials have a positive effect on the metabolism and the balance in minerals of our skin is maintained.


Effective microorganisms

The ring with Effective Microorganisms (EM) which we put in the water of the foot spa during detoxification increases the natural resistance of the body. EM is a combination of useful and regenerating microorganisms, which are found in nature and have not been manipulated.


You just would like to detoxify your body without discussing the chemical reactions, the natural minerals or small microscopical creatures? In the user’s manual (lien vers le mode d’emploi) you’ll find all the necessary instructions.