When to avoid the walking machine

In a few exceptional cases it is preferable not to use the chi machine. Please read what follows to know when we advise against using the relaxation machine.

Almost every body and mind can benefit from using the chi machine. A few exceptions confirm this rule.
Pregnancy: it is not recommended to use the relaxation machine at high speed during the first 3 and last 2 months of the pregnancy. This is also valid during the revalidation period after surgery or a fracture. Serious cardiac problems and acute or serious backaches are contraindications. It is better to wait until the hip is mobile again after a hip surgery.


The rest is a matter of common sense. If you are confused or tense, please calm down first. Do not take any risks. Take old injuries into account. In case of serious doubt, restrain yourself. In case of minor doubt: try during 10 seconds and evaluate. Let your body give you the reply. If you have medical questions regarding the use of the chi machine, please consult your physician.