Massage machine, blood circulation

A few effects of the 2 origin massage machine? Stress reduction, better blood circulation and pain decrease are a few of them.

Initially, the 2 origin massage machine gives you the impression to shake. It is true that it shakes, but the process is meticulously figured out and elaborated in a refined manner. 15 minutes on the machine gives as much oxygen to your cells as during a 90-minute walk. The blood circulation improves strongly. Giving the following results as a consequence:
  • A radical reduction of the tensions. The sensitivity to stress decreases and headaches, stomachaches, nervousness and muscular tensions reduced
  • Vanishing or decreasing backaches
  • Decreasing rheumatic pains
  • Soupling of your movements
  • A better functioning of your organs
  • More energy and a feeling of well-being of body and mind
  • Less headaches, constipation, depression, etc.
  • A better functioning of the lymphatic glands due to detoxification
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • A better sleeping mode, sounder and restful
  • A better blood circulation
  • Reduction of cholesterol
  • Purification of the skin: positive effect on skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema
    Equilibrate the chakras and reinforce the vertical energy flow
A  few, less measurable, improvements have also been recorded:
  • MS - Multiple Sclerosis
  • Fybromyalgy
  • Parkinson
  • Chronic fatigue disease
  • Alzheimer
  • Diabetes
  • Urinary problems
  • Emotive agitation
  • Weight problems

Read the user reactions below, and more at the bottom of this page


« I use the 2origin for my therapeutic work: during an « energy » session, we work on the etheric field of the patient, blockages/programs are eliminated, trigger a flow and adapt the field if necessary. Afterwards, it is good to let the patient rest and, if necessary, continue to work on the flow. The 2origin is of great help. I also use it to teach people how to relax, to let go of their «control». I help them during the 10 to 15 minutes vibrations. For sports people the machine is ideal to be able to stretch after an achievement, to liberate the spine ».

M. Pauwels – Kortrijk (Marke)

« Aged 36 and manager in a Brussels hospital, I constantly suffer from acute lower back pains, since I was the victim of a severe road accident. When I visited the REVA fair in Gent, I accepted to try out the 2origin chi machine, as my wife insisted. What followed was absolutely sensational. I had no more pain during 24 hours. The stress caused by my present job had totally vanished. A great feeling of well-being. I can’t live without the machine anymore. »

EB - Itterbeek

« Since November 2000, I suffer from MS, which means that I have constant pains in the lower part of the body starting from the ribs. Since December 24th, the day that I started to use the 2 origin and this twice a day for 15 minutes, I can walk more easily. The pain remains the same but the fatigue is less, and I feel fairly better. I couldn’t miss my 2 origin anymore, neither could the family. »

EDB - Dilbeek

« Yesterday, I had the pleasure do try out the machine at the REVA fair in Gent. The result is so extraordinary that I have decided to buy it. Since years I have been suffering from MS and have frozen legs, knees and feet from using the wheelchair. After this experience on the machine, my feet were warm! »

E – Deurne

«My first contact with 2origin was a message from the MS association. It attracted my attention. During the Life² fair in Brussels, I had the opportunity to test the machine. As MS patient, I often suffer from pain in the legs and cold feet. After fifteen minutes of vibrations cradled by soft music, I could note that the 2 origin really had a relaxing effect. The most important aspect being, that after 15 minutes I had warm feet and this lasted for the whole afternoon. I have just ordered the machine to be able to benefit from it at home and hope to send you more positive messages soon!”

Ria – Nederokkerzeel

«First I look at my patients’ back, then I let them oscillate and look at them again. In half of the cases, the vertebrae are better positioned and sometimes I do no treat these patients anymore afterwards. »


«After several weeks, I could finally sleep a whole night through».

(H.- Groot-Bijgaarden)

«My cervical pains have dissapeared since last night».


«Suddenly, I could read without using my glasses».
«My son has physical coordination problems. I had him use the 2 origin chi machine during the holidays. When he came back from school with his exercise book, I could for the first time decifer his handwriting».
«I sleep better, my digestion works better and I can concentrate better».
«As I have been suffering from cataract for some time, I see yellow spots. These have vanished since the first session».
«I lost 5 kilos and I feel better again».
«My friend and daughter have noted an improvement in their sight».
A few more reactions: Peter suffers from MS and feels better. A colleague with dorsal pains which made it almost impossible for him to walk, was almost painless the next day after only 7 minutes on the machine».
«I am so happy to have the machine. What an invention»!
«After five minutes of oscillation, Jonathan (7 years) says to his mother « what do I feel?», «but mother, I can fly »!

Eva (16) after the machine had stopped, «it feels like I have no bidy anymore».