How to use the chi machine or walking machine?

Meticulously follow the steps for a relaxing antistress massage              

The effect of the chi machine has already been sufficiently pointed out by clients (link to testimonials) and the press (link to press), but your chi will not appease your hunger unless it is used in a proper manner.
To start with choose a comfortable and soft surface. The machine itself should be placed on a hard surface (e.g. on a wooden board on your bed). A soft yoga mat can also be useful. Put the machine at the same height as the bed and make sure it can’t slide. Make a few simple stretching exercises. Drink a glass of water. Lay down on the mat and put your ankles on the machine. Program the timer. Relax totally during the session and enjoy your antistress massage. When the session is finished, do not sit up immediately, but wait until the energy wave which goes through your body, has settled. So, minimum 2 minutes. Put your feet on the floor and move your bended legs several times slowly from left to right. Stand up slowly. Drink another glass of water.

Always put a cushion under your knees for support.

The use of the machine is an intense experience and has a strong incidence. That is the reason why it is recommended for a person with a normal condition to start at low speed the first week (between 80 and 100 movements a minute). This can gradually be increased. Once your body is familiarised with the machine, you can test with a higher speed. The built-in timer allows you to program 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Twice or three times a day 10 to 15 minutes (e.g. morning and evening, but not immediately after a meal), is a good rhythme.
Which is the best position?

Chimachine - wandelmachine: beginhouding

 The standard position is with the arms stretched along the body.





Chimachine - wandelmachine: meer rug-effect

Putting your hands under the head (or just behind), the effect is emphasized with regard to the normal position on the back.






Chimachine - wandelmachine: bij spanningIn case of tension in the neck, stretch your arms to the back.




Chimachine - wandelmachine: maximaal effectThe swinging movement is best felt when you put your hands on your belly.





The chi machine is very ergonomic and easy to use. Read the instruction guide and you will use the chi machine as if you had grown up together.

Who uses the chi machine?

Can be beneficial to everyone. Also at professional level: in therapy rooms as relaxation element or before a therapeutic or antistress massage, in wellness centres, saunas, sports centres, fitness centres …
At the office, in only 15 minutes your body is enriched with as much oxygen as during a 90-minute walk. A pleasant pastime during the lunch break: a chi-shake is beneficial to your health, your work and your environment.