The chi machine, massage machine by 2 origin

 15 minutes on the walking machine is good for body and mind. This massage machine detoxifies your whole body. 


Relaxation, recreation and vitality.

These are the three main reasons to use the chi machine.

Shall we give you a few more?  Your spine is in balance, the blood circulation of your back and neck is stimulated, and your body is at the same time detoxified and purified. We would add a long list of achieved results, but we have chosen to dedicate a separate page to the chi machine

Adapted for shoulder excercices with a lower speed: 60 to 140 rpm

Lie in bed on your back and benefit from a relaxing massage on the chi machine: this corresponds more or less to what physiotherapists do to deblock or warm up their patients. With 80 motions per minute all stress is shaken out of your body. Not only the legs but your whole body benefits from the motion. The chi machine makes the whole spine move starting from the ankles. All vertebrae up to the top of your head move slightly. This increases the level of oxygen in the head.
Detoxification: is the name of this process. When your body cleans itself, this automatically results in an increase of energy intake and blood circulation. Energy is not only a matter of food but mainly cleansing.
After 15 minutes, when the machine has stopped, the sensation which passes through your body is undescribable. You have the feeling that tiny needles move from your waist to the limbs. Like the beginning of anti-gravity. Like after a night’s sleep. Like … to really experience what it can feel like, you’ll have to try the machine yourself!


A chi-shake a day, keeps the doctor away.



Read the user reactions below, and more at the bottom of this page


« Hi, my name is Ritt, and I have just ordered my second 2 origin chi machine for a friend, who also uses it everyday, like I do.  She is really enthusiastic and pretends that after so many years, her constipation problem has dissapeared! »
Ritt Noyens – Turnhout

“I have been suffering from fybromyalgia for about 3 years and was looking for a good therapy to fight my fatigue and muscular pains. Recently, I have discovered the 2 origin chi machine and it helps me during the day to fight my fatigue and to sleep better during the night.  And it works, from the first day I already felt the difference.”
Isabel De Smet - 9112 Sinaai
Nutrition and health consultant
Body Mind Balance
GSM: 0486/39 24 31

“10 years ago I was involved in a serious road accident. I had a broken rib, which never fully healed and presses against kidneys and/or liver from time to time causing a blockage in my body. Most of the time, I spend a sleepless night and help myself with pain killers during the day. BUT ... this time there was the chi machine. I took the risk to use the chi machine immediately after a blockage and to let myself be gently cradled at a speed of 80 during 15 minutes. AND … the pain and blockage had dissapeared. Indeed, a great machine to tackle my problem.”
Sarah Gommers – Brugge

After a few months of daily use of the 2origin chi machine (15 min in the morning and 15 min before going to sleep) I obtained the following results: the disturbing cramps in the calfs which heavily hindered my sleep, have vanished for 95 %. All other medical remedies never succeeded. My lower back problems have also improved by 90%. Previously, I suffered from blockages which heavely influenced my mobility, and now I only have minor symptoms after lifting something heavy, which fade out after a session with the chi machine. I haven’t had any more blockages up until now. My general resistance has improved a lot, same as my digestion process. A session with the chi machine is a pleasant experience, which allows me to relax better. To me, the chi machine is a revelation. I even take it with me on vacation. I am looking forward to see the results in the long term.

Jan Groven - Kapellen

I would like to inform you that I am very pleased with the 2origin chi machine, as well as with the very correct service.

Roberto Barolomy

Each day, I work in a very popular lingerie shop (the shop exists since 60 years) and I very easily suffer from (genetical heritage) varicosis, heavy legs and swollen feet, although I am only 30. I can really recommend the chi machine to everyone. I couldn’t do without it any more. It doens’t only help me to relax after a long day standing in the shop, but it also helps to deflate my legs and guarantees me a perfect sleep. I used to suffer from formication in the legs, which does not facilitate a good sleeping condition. After a 20-minute session on your machine, it feels like rebirth.

Joke Lingerie Perfecta - Zwevegem

Since 7 years, I have an oedema on the left leg as a consequence of surgery in the inguinal area. After 5 days using the 2origin chi machine, the result was clearly visible. My doctor was astonished with the result. The manual and mechanical lymphatic drainage treatments have never given this type of result. I am very pleased. The oedema is not totally resorbed, but at least now there is hope with the 2origin.

Mme Engelen Jeannine - Lichtaart

I got acquainted with the 2origin at my physiotherapist’s practice. In August 2006, I was told that I suffer from CFS and fybromyalgia. I also suffer from a lesion at the shoulder and arthrosis in the lower back, problems at the meniscus and both knees. I bougth a 2origin and as soon as I had found the right position (good support in the back, neck and head) I could experience the positive effects of the machine. The acute muscular pains did not disappear immediately, but a strong heat sensation runs through your body and one feels better at muscular level. The 2origin has natural analgesic qualities in case of chronic pains. From the first use on of the 2origin, you fall asleep faster and wake up less easily. This allows you to get a better rest. Your thinking process is better and you feel less tense, in short, you have more energy. I can use the 2origin whenever I like and do not have to wait until the next session with the physiotherapist. It’s a good remedy in case of chronic pains and you can manage your therapy yourself.

Sylvia Termote, Eeklo

The 2origin is in my possession since three months. For my job, I have to stay on my feet all day and I also work at weekends. When I bought it, I was at the end of my strength and I could have cried of fatigue, sometimes I could hardly stand on my feet. Being skeptical with regard to the qualities of the machine, I must say I would not have bought it without the trial period. My first worry was that it would end somewhere on a shelf after a few weeks. But after 3 months I am still using it every day. Sometimes I skip a day and sometimes I use it twice a day. My legs can acknowledge. The result is there. My legs feel lighter than before and this results in a more positive mood. Personally, I prefer to use the machine in the morning before going to work, sometimes in the evening when I come home and have to go out again later.

Thank you
Joeri, Malines

With regard to the 2origin, I noted that the level of tension decreases in my body. I can walk upright and I feel stronger and more supple. The improvement is slow and at the beginning it was really difficult. Emotions flooded from my body while tensions between the shoulder blades decreased. I used Detox pads when I had headaches and that really helped.
Andrea, Bierbeek I suffer from CFS since 1999 and use the 2origin machine since July 2005. I am very enthusiastic because I can enjoy a deeper sleep while taking less medication. I also have less muscular pains, I feel more supple and have more energy, to mention only a few aspects. I even lost 20 kilos without changing any of my habits. SUPERB.

De Messemaeker Sonja, Antwerp

Although I am only 23 ans years old, I know what it means to have back pains. Fybromyalgia can truly undermine your social life. Fortunately, this has changed recently. I use the 2origin machine since 4 weeks now. Already after one week, the change was noticeable. I have more energy, feel the need to move. I get the impression that I have received an energy boost. I sleep better and can again sleep the whole night through. Muscular pains have strongly decreased. My back will always be my weak spot but the blockages are now less recurrent (every 2 months). When I feel pain, I use the 2origin and feel better afterwards. Only occasionally do I take painkillers. I take my anti-inflammatory medication every second day now. I am so happy to have bought the 2origin machine because my life quality has made real progress since. I have my own therapist at home now and I manage it all myself. Of course, I am still under medical treatment and take medication, but the frequency progressively decreases. My doctor noted a considerable evolution in my muscles. He now also uses a 2origin machine in his practice. I have the impression to have taken control over my own body and pain. This doesn’t take me any energy and is not tiresome. On the contrary, it is very relaxing and gives me a lot of energy. The time it takes is negligible although I use the machine twice a day. In the morning, I wake up smoothly and in the evening I feel asleep on the machine. The machine is at the end of my bed so I do not have to make any effort to use it. After work, I come to a rest on the machine and can still enjoy the evening. My evenings have become more active again. I frequently go for a swim or have other activities. I am very happy to have discovered the 2origin chi machine.

Karolien Arnauts, Heverlee

I bought my 2origin from my sister Monique a few years ago. She is an energy therapist. I learned how to use and to optimise the 2origin with meditation, which enhances the energy flow in my body. When I use the 2origin, I can feel the energy circulating up to my fingertips. Every evening, 5 minutes on my bed at low speed and then I fall asleep immediately. You will fall asleep within 5 minutes, that’s guaranteed. Great!

Paul Pauwels – Bissegem (Kortrijk)

I purchased the machine for energetic reasons. After a surgery in June last year, my body revalidates bit by bit. The machine was recommended to me by a friend. I use it every day during 15 minutes at minimum speed and can feel that something is happening in my body. My husband also uses it, although he was sceptical at first. I can see it from the way he walks that it helps hem. What more do we need.
J. Reyners – Oostham

“Before I ended in a wheelchair in 1978, I loved to run. Before going to bed, I would run in the neighbourhood for 15 to 30 minutes although it was already dark. When I went to bed, my legs would still glitter from the effort due to the accelerated blood pressure. A bicycle racer says to be dependent on the sensation provoked by running. I have discovered this same sensation again after a transversal lesion and the 25 years in a “chair” that followed.
When I first discovered the 2origin, I had the impression of a déjà-vu… Images of 1978 and before came to my mind and I could feel this sensation again in my legs. My body was moving like a snake, I could feel my spine move on the table and be massaged, my head resolutely said “no” but deep down inside I was thinking “yes”. This felt good! When I got up, I felt dizzy and my legs were like cotton; all spasms had dissapeared as if I had run a race. The dizziness didn’t last long. Back in my wheelchair, I could feel that energy had come out of my body, something that I only had experienced sporadically. Let’s say after three weeks holiday. The 2origin is a massage machine which literally wakes up my body. The machine does not really massage you but it makes the heels vibrate. As a result, it unrolls the most important energetic part of my body, my spine, in a shaking movement.
This gives energy which is transformed in such a way that I can function normally during 16 hours a day and that I am awake. Now, I use the 2origin daily during 15 minutes and now it’s Spring and I think back of a Winter I passed more comfortably than the 25 that preceded when I was in a chair. Improvement of the urinary system, good bowel movement, no flu etc. Coincidence? Possible. But in that case I adhere to a very old publicity for peanut butter « mummy says it is good for me and I think it is excellent ». 
Hans Lalkens – Pays-Bas

« Since several years, my wife has been complaining of fatigue, which results in every movement needing a big effort. No doctor has taken her complaint seriously because she doesn’t suffer from CFS. Finally, we consulted the head of internal medecine at the university hospital in Antwerp, who informed us that my wife suffers of spasmophilia. This consists in a constant non controllable muscular stimulation and gives the impression that she constantly makes huge efforts. There is no remedy for this condition. Consequently, we are very satisfied of the positive effects of the 2origin machine because since the second day of using the machine she has found her normal energy level again and does not feel exhausted anymore.”
FW – Sint-Katelijne-Waver

“In May 2003, I bought the 2origin chi machine. After three weeks, I could again go biking and walking without pain. I don’t even take my painkillers anymore. I am happy and have been born anew. I also lost 3 kilos. I can recommend the machine to everyone because one feels revitalised and in better condition. I feel like a FISH IN THE WATER. What a great feeling!”
A – Humbeek (double hernia)

“Thank you again for the session with the 2origin machine this afternoon. When you closed the door behind me, I felt the need to describe my experience and I even managed to finish my articles in a record time. It was great to be able to escape in my dreams for a moment during this grey November day. I would like to do another session to feel the formication again in my body. I wish you a lot of success”!
BDM - journalist - Gazet van Antwerpen

With pleasure do I share my impressions with you on the 2origin chi machine. We have been using the machine in our practice since a week. First of all, it is a perfect addition to the existing treatments such as colour therapy, stone massages, ucw, medi-pro… Already 6 of our clients have tried it and all were very pleased with the experience. Most of them feel the benefit there where they have blockages. Furthermore, total relaxation is an optimal feeling, even euphorical, as some would say. They effectively feel the flow of warm energy invade their bodies. A person complaining of stomach and bowel problems has never made more burps than after the session. She is very happy to have been able to experience this as this normally only happened once or twice a week before. I have myself had serious back problems (wearing out of 2 disks in zone L). I also tried the machine and after three sessions the first day, I had pains in the problem zone. Two days later the pain (or the irritation, rather) had totally dissapeared and for the moment I do not suffer from pain anymore, not even after a huge effort. We will most certainly give you other testimonials in the future, but up until now our experience has been very positive”.

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