Beneficial to the blood circulation, rheumatisms, arthritis, muscular pains …

The infrared blanket is easy to use and beneficial to the blood circulation, rheumatisms and arthritis.


If you can use a thermometer, the infrared blanket has no secrets for you. Please read the manual to be sure.
Switch on the blanket by pressing on the red button. A beep indicates the correct functioning of the blanket.

remote infrarood deken

To progam:
1.     The light will flash during 3 seconds. Program the temperature in Celsius degrees with the arrow buttons. Then, press on the green “Menu” button.  The equivalent temperature in Fahrenheit will appear on the display.
2.     Press the green button again to program the time (will start to flash). Again use the blue arrows.
3.     Press the green « Menu” button. Your choice will now appear.
4.     Confirm by pressing on the green “Lock” button during 3 seconds. Now the keyboard is blocked and warming up starts.
5.     This program will remain valid for the next sessions unless you unblock the keyboard and change the programming.
Relax! Put the heating pad on the part of your body you wish to treat. You can also use the infrared blanket in a seated position.
In ‘normal’ situations, you can use the infrared blanket twice a day between 15 and 60 minutes. In case of chronical diseases and affections you may use it more frequently.
  • 45°C: to stimulate the blood circulation
  • 55°C: sedative and muscular relaxation
  • 65°C: medical-therapeutic, in case of rheumatism or arthritis